• Summary:

Here you can create, participate or view a forum, it is an online discussion, where users can hold conversations in the forum of posted messages.

  • How I can access Forums?

You have 2 options to access the forums:
1. Go to “Communication”, and choose the “Forums” option.

2. If you know the course which contains this file, move to the course page and click on the "Forums" tab:

  • How to view a specific Forum?

In the left side of the files page you can control what forums you can see:
Received Forums.
Posted Forums.
By Permission: the admin determine the permissions.

  • You have 2 options to search for a specific forum:

1. search by forum name or course.
2. Using the filter system (filtering by: Semesters, Group, Subjects, Types, designed to).

  • How to create a new forum?

Click on Choose the semester, subject and the type of the forum.Choose the course. (Subject + class) statues of publish.Choose the type users who can view the forum: student, teacher, parent, staff.Insert the title of the forum.You can control the forum type to be moderated or not. In case you choose the moderated type, you need to confirm each comment before publishing.Click on “Save the Forum” to save the changes.

  • How can I edit or delete a forum I had created?

To delete or edit a forum, you should go to the "Posted Forums".
In the left side of the files list, click on the flag to change the status of publish.
In the right side of the files list, you can:
Delete the forum.
Update the info: you can edit the title, Type, Semester and the internal subject in case you have it.


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