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A new Interactive feature on Edu-nation lets you create your own set of interactive courses, that you can save and share with all Edu-nation users around the world. Creating, sharing, and collaborating on Edu-nation can be a great project for students and teachers in a range of subject and content areas.

How I can Access the Interactive content Library?
Go to "My Backpack", then choose "Library" option.

How I can create a new Interactive content?

  • Click on  
  • Fill in the following:
  1. Choose the educational content you want to add: Interactive course, video, file, etc.
  2. Select the course name from the list.
  3. Insert the Title of the content.
  4. Upload the cover image.
  5. If there are any internal subjects for the course, you can insert them by clicking the name of the internal subject.
  6. Price: you can determine if your content id for free or by charge.
  7. Publish: choose the publish status for your content, you can make it published or closed for a particular groups.
  • After you finish click on  to save the changes.


How I can access the update screen of the content I had created?
After saving the changes in the creating part, you will receive the following screen:

Click on "Update" to start editing your own Interactive course.

How I can update my Interactive course?
After clicking on update, you will be transferred to the update system.

  • In the left side toolbar, choose the first option "Edit Course".

The course is build from units, each unit behavior must be determine by the creator.
There are 2 options:

  • Free behavior: Students can navigate freely between the units without the need to finish Unit A to access Unit B.
  • Unit by unit: Students must finish Units one after another by order.
  1. Click on  to start building a new unit.
  2. Fill in the following:
  • Name of the unit
  • Determine the unit behavior, either"Free" or "Unit by Unit".
  • Insert a small brief as a description of the unit content.
  • After finishing, click on "save" to save your changes.

  • Each unit is build from lessons. To add a new lesson click on:

  • Fill in the following:
  1. Lesson name.
  2. Behavior*.
  3. Unit: choose the unit this lesson is related to.
  4. Click on "save" to save your changes.

* There are 3 kinds of behavior:

  • Free: Students can navigate freely between the lesson sections without the need to finish Section A to access Section B.
  • Section by section: Students must finish Sections one after another by order.
  • Test at last: Students can navigate freely between the sections except the test section, in order to access the test section they have to complete all other sections






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