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Here we can add courses for each can also edit the settings of the course.

How I can access the course setting page?

Go to Management”, Choose “Courses” option.

  • How I can add a new course?

After accessing the courses page, click on  in the right side of the page.

You will receive the following page:

In the group blank, you need to select the class or the group from the school structure.

After choosing the group, choose the subject of the course.

You will receive an automatically naming for the course, that you can edit.Insert the teacher name. (typing the name of the teacher will give you an options you can choose from)

insert internal subjects, In case you have in this class.

To add the lesson timetable, click on  and choose the day and the lesson number from the list.

After finishing click on to save the changes.

  • How I can edit or delete a course?

Search the teacher name/ subject/ class.

You can use the filter system:

After showing the results, click on “Update” to edit the course info:

To delete the course, click on delete in the list of the courses:

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