• Summary:

Here we can see the Announcements about specific topics at school:

Students and Parent Can Only Preview announcements published by the school principal and teachers.

Teachers and admins can create announcement to any group defined in the system and according their permission.

1) The announcements you can see are only the "received announcements".

2) Type the title of the announcement you want to search.

3) You can filter the announcement viewed here by selecting the year, semester, subject and type of the announcement you want.

4) Here you can see the announcements according to the way you filtered them.

By clicking on the announcement you can see also general details: semester , who posted it and when , and the course group this announcement is designed for.Create, view, edit or delete announcements- Administration & teachers:

  • How to create new announcement?!

 1-Select the Semester , Subject , Type of Announcement you want to Create. (you can not move to step number 2 unless you finished step number 1).

2- Here you can select the class for which the new announcement will be published, also the Internal Subjects of the courses if there is any (you can not move to step number 3 unless you finished step number 2).

3- Here you must select the status of the announcement:- Private Only you can see this announcement. \ Permission By Owner When you publish objects in "Permission by owner" mode,
you are giving your institution's admins to see the details of your object.
this feature allows you to publish something that you want to show
to your supervisors before publishing it to students. \ Published All the selected classes can see your announcement. and the Publishing time:- Now The announcement will be published immediately \ Postpone Here you can choose a specific date and time for publishing the announcement automatically..

4- Here you can Select the type or group of users who can see this announcement.

5- click on "Save The Announcement" to finish.Full Description:The Announcement page is provided to publish specific announcements made By the Principal (head-Teachers) or the Teacher themselves for their course students.

1) Here you can select the Type of announcement you want to preview. (Received announcements \ Sent announcements \ By Permission Announcements that have been published as "Permission By Owner". \ Canceled ).

2) Type The Title of the announcement you want to search.

3) To add NEW Announcement For teachers and principals only! click on +add New Message.

4) Filter Announcement you want to view by selecting the year , Semester, Group , Subject , Type, and The group of people this announcement is Designated To.

5) Here you can see all the announcements you have selected to see according to step 4, by pressing on the title of the announcement a window will be opened, the Title, Date , Text and details of the announcement will be viewed.

a) Here you can see :

(1) who posted this announcement.

(2) Group of classes and people for whom this announcement is designed for.

(3) The time and date this announcement was published in.b)

Update : Here you can Update The announcement that was Published.

Watchers: here you can see who saw the post, when and how many times.

Delete : here you can delete the post and it can not be seen anymore.

Notes You can't send an announcement for more than 40 courses/groups.

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