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Here you can see the latest news and announcements at the school.
Full Description:
This page provides an access to view all news of the school according to categories and subjects.

1) Here you can select the category of the News you want to read.
2) Type the title or the subject of the News you want to search.
3) Add New Only for principals and Teachers. News.
4) Here you can see the title of the News, the date and time this News was published in and it's category. by clicking on the News a window will be opened with all it's details and text.
5) Principals and Teachers have the access to update or delete the News.

  • How To Add New News? 

1) Add the main title.

2) Select the suitable category for your News. (To see how to add new category click Here)

3) Select the Publish status you want for your new NEWS : Private Only you can see this News \ Permission By Owner When you publish objects in "Permission by owner" mode,you are giving your institution's admins to see the details of your object.
this feature allows you to publish something that you want to show
to your supervisors before publishing it to students. \ Published You can choose to publish your News NOW or you can select the POSTPONE mode that will allow you to select the date and time you want this News published in.

4) You can also Upload a picture from your computer to appear with the news.

5) Here you can preview your News before publishing it.

6) click "Send" to finish.

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