Set Evaluation Methods

  • Summary:

Here you can determine the evaluation values.

  • How I can access the evaluation methods page?
  1. Go to "Management"
  2. Choose the "Evaluation Methods" option

  • What is the meaning of "Evaluation Method"?

Yo have 3 options of evaluation:

  1. Default: The teachers have all the options of the evaluation methods, they can choose from the list.
  2. Numerical Evaluation: They can only give a numerical evaluation to the students.
  3. Mixed Evaluation: Which contains 3 option you can combine between them:
  • Verbal description: to describe the student achievement by sentences you insert to the bank before.
  • Verbal evaluation: you can give a verbal description to a grades range.
  • Numerical Evaluation
  • How I can determine the evaluation methods for each group/ subject?
  1. After choosing the "Evaluation Methods" option from the management tab, you will be moved to the list of the evaluation methods.
  2. Sign the evaluation method you need to determine to the course/ group.
  3. Select the group and the subject from the list below.
  4. Check the groups by signing V near the name of the group (You can check all by signing V near the title).
  5. After finishing, click on "Save". 

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