• Summary:

Here you can add all the users in the system.

  • How I can access the users management?
  1. Go to Administration
  2. Choose the users option.

  • How I can add a new users?

You have two options:

(a) Adding multiple users by uploading XL file.

(b) Manual adding. (Recommended to use when you need to add less than 5 users).

Choose the suitable option, and click on “Accept”manual Adding If you chose the manual adding option, you will receive the following screen:

  • Fill in the blanks, and you will receive an automatically user name, after finishing, click on Print the welcome page that contains the username and password info.Add users from Excel file If you chose the XL file upload option, you will receive the following screen:

(1) Upload the file from your computer.

(2) Click on “Upload” button.*please make sure to have the ID number, First Name, Last name in a separated columns.After uploading the file, it will be processed and  you will receive the following screen:

(a) In the first part of the page, match the excel columns name with the exact information you need to import. For example: ID number should match the ID number column in the XL file we uploaded.

(b) OPTIONAL! In the second part of the page, you can upload the names in English. In case you didn’t choose this option, the system will give automatic English names as we have in our memory.

(c) In the third part, you have an option to connect relative relation between the users. For example: if the excel contain the parents information (ID, First name, Last name) it will open the parents users and will determined the relative connection with their son/ daughter.After finishing, click on After receiving the list with all the usernames, have a quick look about all the users, if you have a row colored in red that means the information is incorrect. After checking all the names:

(1) Click on Prepare all the accounts.

(2) Click on open all the accounts.14. The accounts are open and ready to use.

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