Custom Report

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Here you can create reports in different templates.

  • How I can access the custom report page?

Create Certificates Report:Go to “Report”, choose the option “Custom Report”.

  • How I can create a custom report?

Click on  to create a new custom report.

4. Fill the blanks in the following order:

(1) Choose your class.

(2) Write the title of the report; please be aware it will appear on the report. (ask your principle about the agreed title).

(3) Choose the report template, agreed by the principle.

(4) Choose the publish status.

  • If you need to import absence, please put V in the box.You can calculate the average by hours/ points.
  • In the lower side of the page, select grade groups by permission. It means grades you are allowed to see.
  • Filter the groups by selecting the: semester, class and the kind of the grades group (final, monthly, etc.).
  • Choose the courses that need to appear in the report. To mark them all, select the box near the title.

After finishing click on “Save”The report is ready.

  • How I can see the report?

To see the report you created, go to “Reports” and choose "Custom Report".

Click on “Generate” to view the full report.

  • How I can edit or delete the custom report?

To delete the report you created, go to “Reports” and choose "Custom Report".In the list, click on "Delete" near the report you want to remove.

To edit the report, click on the "Update" button:If you want edit in the general information of the report, insert the changes and click on "Save" button.Id you want to change the grades group who create the custom report, you need to Sign V in the "Update Grades Group" button:Repeat the same process of choosing the grades group who will create the custom report.

after finishing click on "Save" to accept the changes.

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