Verbal Description List

Add Verbal Description Bank

1. Go to “Management”.
2. Choose “Evaluation Methods” option.

3. Click on “Verbal Description List”.

4. Choose the subject from the list in the right side of the page.

5. In the left side of the page, add the descriptions as sentences.

Please be aware to have each description in a different line.

6. In case you want to add all of them to all the courses you click on “All courses” option, but if you want to add them to specific courses and classes choose the second option “Choose from the Courses in subject X”.

7. After choosing the suitable option click on “Add New”.

8. If you chose the option “Choose from the Courses in subject X”, you need to choose the class or the class and the internal subject from the list. (you can choose more than one class).

9. After finishing click on Accept.



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