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The system found several types of comments that can be full managed:

  1. certificates: Notes that are added to the certificate/ annual report by the homeroom teacher.
  2. Grades: the teacher can add a comments near the student grade that will be shown in his profile. 
  3. Lessons Report: behavioral comments of the students attitude during the lesson.
  4. User's Profile: type of comments that will be saved in the user profile. Usually the homeroom teacher, admin and school counselor will determine the type of the comment. (Example: Health documents, etc.).
  5. Behavioral/ Enrichment: Notes that are added to the certificate/ annual report by the homeroom teacher.
  6. Lesson cancellation reason: when you cancel a class the teacher is asked to choose a reason from the list why his class is cancelled. You can manage the reasons from this tab.

How I can access the page?

  1. Go to "Management" tab
  2. Choose "Comments" option

  • To edit the comments of a specific type:

1. Click on the title:

2. Click on the "Add a new comment type" from the left side of the page:

3. Insert a title of the comments type, to save the changes click on .

4. You can edit the type by clicking on .

5. After selecting the comment type, add the comments on the right side of the page. (Please be aware to have each comment in a different line).

6. Must determine whether the notes are negative, positive or neutral (to analyze this data later).

7. Click on  to save the changes.



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