• Summary

In this page you can add vacations. You have the option to add vacation to group/ class/ level or the institution.

  • How I can access the page?

1. Go to "Management"
2. Click on "Institution Settings"

3. Choose "Vacations" from the upper toolbar

4. Click on the "+ Vacations" to add a new Vacations:

5. From the left side of the page:

a. Insert the name of the Vacation (Summer vacation)

b. Select from the list the type of holiday (Christmas-religious identified by administrative advance)

c. Select the time period for the holiday (use the calendar icon to insert the desired date)

d. Do you choose the vacation will be certain to share or for an entire day

The left side of the page:

Put  signal in the box next to the group to be covered by the Vacation (if the entire school must be noted placed next to the school) address.

  • finally click on "Accept" Button

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