Admin Dashboard

  • Summary:

The admin can review the school activity in a very easy and useful sight.

  • How I can access the admin Dashboard?

All you need is to click on admin dashboard tab in the main page and you will moved automatically to the page.

You have the option to choose any time range you need and the groups you would like to filter the data for.

1. Distribution of the negative, positive and neutral notes that has been added by the teacher on a daily basis.

2. Distribution of the grades converted to 100.

3. Most features that are used in the system by the users (Homework, Exam, Files, etc.)

4. Missing lesson reports: list of the top 6 users who didn't report their lessons.

5. Top 6 students who has positive/negative notes. You can find the name of the student and the his group/ class.

6. Students furthest from the average in both cases, above and below. You can find the student name, his grade and the class/ group average.

7. Top users: the name of the users who are using the system more than others with additional features. (adding video, files, etc.)



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