General Settings

  • Summary :

Managing General can determine the settings so that they are virtual.

Choose the possibility of "General Settings" from the top section of the page:


  • General system supports 3-way publishing:

   The status of "personal" and features a signal Green Flag: The information published under green height are published for all. In some of the options can be selected published sooner or later you may specify in advance.

 The status of  "Permission Owners" and features a signal Yalow flag : The information and reservation status under the yellow flag was able to see the content of the permit holders. The permit holders is set by the administrative authority in advance and that management.

 The status of  " Private" and features a signal red flag: The information in the case preserved under this situation, no one can see them even administrative.

  • In the organization settings you can specify the default publication and status of the institution Select the desired option 


  • Determine the percentage of absence in the organization:

Determining the percentage of students in the presence of all courses:

(influenced by the accounts in some reports)

  • Insert the maximum possible mark added by the teacher and a sign of success in percentages:


  • Specify the default types for many features in the program:


  • According to default sorting of user data vehicles Name:


  • you can add signature for organization :

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