• Summary:

Here help us choose skills for each student On the groups level .

  • How I can access the Skills?

Go to "Reports", then choose the "Skills" option


  •  In the right side of the skills list, you can: 

- Watch the views: who are the users who saw the skills, times, dates and the number of views for each user.
- Delete the skills.
- Update the info: you can edit the title, Type, Semester and the internal subject in case you.

  • How to view a specific file?

   -  In the left side of the skills page you can control what files you can see:
a. Sent grad group.

b. By Permission: the admin determine the permissions. 

c. Canceled .

  • how i can add new skills ? 
  1.  to add skills click on "Skills grade" button  .
  2. select the semester,subject and the type of grade group from step 1 to display courses to choose from .

 3. select courses from step 2 so you can enter details of the grade group.

4. You must fill in the title for the - grade group: 

5. You can not save the grade group until filling up the missing fields in step No. 3

6. click  on "save" button to start fill the skills 

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