Personal Grade

  • Summary:
  • Personal Grade which are Grade that the member who give grade of courses and here we can see more clearly the member degrees and less>

    • How I can access to the Personal Grade ?

Go to “Reports”, choose the “Personal Grade” option.

  • Possible in a manner Showing grade controlled by:

- year.
- Semester: It is possible to determine Semester that you want to Showing the Grades.
- Grade type: it is possible to determine the type of grade you want to projecting  (the first exam mark, the participating mark, chapter mark).
- Subject : it possible to identify the decision you want to show the Grades (Arabic Language, religion, mathematics).

  • You may print Grades or export file by going to the Right side of the page personal grade by clicking on the button .


  • What are the components of the results found in the pages of personal grade?
  1. the Name of courses , the educational path, art teacher name, teacher's notes.
  2. Title of Grade , the Grade given , the date of publishing .
  3. Formation by percentage .

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