Educational levels

  • Summary

    In this page users can control the levels of educational for the school ,Talk each level of education for the students of a certain age, for example: * Level KG2 students aged from 5 years to 6 years. 

    • How I can access to the page?

    1. Go to "Management"
    2. Click on "Educational levels"

  • How i can add anew Educational levels ?
  1. from the Educational levels Page choose "Add new".
  2. Insert the name of Educational levels, select from the list the (Years , months,days).
  3. Click on the "Accept".

  • How I can Edit or Delete  Educational levels ?
  • Delete: From the right side of the page click on "Delete"
  • Edit : From the right side of the page click on "Update" after that click on "Accept" .

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