Manage Timetable

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Here the admin can see the weekly schedule of the institution with the ability to filter by teacher or group. Also the admin can easily edit the schedule.
To access the page, go to “My Backpack”, choose "Manage Timetable" option

  • There is two options you can use to manage the timetable:

1. You can filter by choosing a specific group or teacher to get the relevant timetable. From the right side of the page choose the action you need to do the filtered result:


  • Add lesson: you can add lesson to the user/group:
  1. Choose the course from the list (it should be added before by the admin)
  2. Choose the lesson type (lesson, lab, etc.)
  3. Click on the lesson box.
  4. Save the changes

  • Delete lesson: you can remove lessons from the user/group:
  1. Specify the period in which you want to cancel the lessons.
  2. Choose the reason of the cancellation.
  3. Save the changes.

  • Restore deleted lesson: you have the option to restore deleted lessons.
  1. Specify the period in which you want to restore lessons.
  2. Save the changes.



  • You can change the dates by clicking on the arrows.

2. Choose the specific lesson you want to edit from the calendar and click on the arrow in the right upper side of the box.

You will receive the following options:

  • Class Report: Report the lesson.
  • Change lesson time: choose the date and the lesson, after finishing save the changes.
  • Remove the lesson.
  • Add a new lesson. (the class box should be clear, otherwise the lessons will be conflicted)

*In case you removed the lesson, but you need to replaced again, click on “Restore”

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