Components of Home Page

The Main page is your direct portal to the Edunation system, though this page you will be able to navigate to all the features Edunation has to offer,also located on the main page are several controls designed to give you quick access to the most used features .

Upper Toolbar (from left to right)

1. Personal profile: by clicking on your name you can access your personal profile, you have the option update\ be updated of some information.

2. Search engine: by clicking key words you will get related results list.

3. Shortcut to your messages. In case you have new message you will see a red sign with the number of the unread messages.

4. Shortcut to your notification list. Each action that is related to your account you will be alerted in a notification note. In case you have a new notifications you will see a red sign with the number of the new notifications.

5. Shortcut to the help system. The help system is fitted to each page, so the user can get help by clicking on the sign.

6. Log off button.

You can move between the tabs by clicking on the title.


In the left side of the page click on "Move To" you can access all the course pages you have the permission to see.To open the course page you have to click on the course title.


Family Ties

Here you can see any children that is connected to your account and follow-up.


In the bottom of the page you have the language button. Edunation is available in 22 language. 



To change the language all you need to click on the language name and the system will be automatically updated according your option.


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