• Summary :

Here you can see the polls of the school, answer them, see the results.

  • How I can access the Polls page ?

1. Go to "communication "
2. Click on "Polls"



  • View polls - Students & Parents: 

1) Here you can search the poll you want to see according to it's title.

2) You can filter the poll according to it's year, semester, group, subject, type and people who can see it.

3) Here you can see the title of the poll , the semester and it's type. by clicking on it a window will open and then you can see the question of the poll and answer it. 


1) Here you can choose the answer you want.                   

2) Click on accept to submit your answer.

4) Here you can see the class and group of people who can see this poll (and

5) more You can see who also can see this poll.), who post this poll and when. 

  • Create, view, edit or delete polls - teachers: 

1) Here you can choose the type of polls you want to preview. (Received polls \ Sent polls \ By Permission Announcements That have been published as "Permission By Owner". \ Canceled).

2) Type the Title of the poll you want to search.

3) Click on +ADD New for admins only. to add New Poll. How To Add New Poll ?!

1) Choose the wanted semester.

2) Choose the subject of the poll.

3) Select The type of the poll if there is any.

4) Choose the Class , Group and internal subject if there is any.

5) Here you Can choose the status of your poll (Private Only you can see this poll. \ Permission By Owner When you publish objects in "Permission by owner" mode,
you are giving your institution's
admins to see the details of your object.
this feature allows you to
publish something that you want to show
to your supervisors before publishing it to students. \ Published You can choose to publish : Now or Post Pone ).

6) Choose the type of users this poll is designed for , and write the title of your new poll.

7) Here you have to choose the type the new poll , visible or hidden results.

8) Here you can choose one of two creation modes (create new Here you can create new form for the new poll, see step 11 to know how. \ create from an existing poll).

9) Here you can choose the expiration date for your new poll.

10) click save to finish.


  • 11) How To create New creation method?!                                         

(1) Add the Title of your Question.              

(2) Here you can insert the 4 answers for your question. (to add more answers see step12).              

(3) Click Save to finish.

  •  How To Edit your Polls?!               

(1) Go To sent Polls.             

(2) You can search the poll you want to edit by it's title.             

(3) Or by filtering it according to the it's semester, group, subject, type or group of people.              

(4) choose the poll you want to edit and click on update, then a window will open:                                           

1- Here you can delete the question.                     

2- Here you can add another answer for you poll question.                      

3- Here you can delete specific answer. * *                

(1) The title of the poll , the semester and it's type.      

 (2) Here you can see the class, who can see this poll , who posted this poll and it's publishing date.       

(3) Here you can choose either to update See step

(4) above. the poll , delete it or see who watched You can see who watched this poll, how many times and when. it. 

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