Grade Groups

  • Summary:

You can add, edit and delete a verbal evaluation and description to a specific course.

  • How I can add a verbal grade group?

Go to “Reports”, choose the “Grades Group” option.Click on In the first part, choose the semester, subject and the type of the grades. (Be specific to choose the specific type, it is very important).

In the second part, you need to choose the course (subject + class) and the internal subject (If you have an internal subjects).

  • In the third part of the page:

1. Choose the publish status.

2. Inter a title for the grades group.

3. Usually the type of the grades is determined by the principle. But if you have an option to choose, you need to choose the "Mixed Grade" to insert a verbal evaluation. You have an option to add a description to the grades. The bank will be added by the admin.

4. Grade's Calculation:

a. Create a new group.

b. Calculate an average from several grades groups you had created before.After finishing click on  You will moved to the student list.Choose the verbal value and the verbal description from the list.After finishing click on

  • How I can edit or delete a verbal grade group?

Choose the grade group you need to delete or edit.You can choose it either from the sent groups, or using the filter system.

In the left side of the groups list, click on the flag to change the status of publish.

In the right side of the files list, you can: Watch the views: who are the users who saw the grades, times, dates and the number of views for each user.Delete the group.Update the info: you can edit the title, Type and the internal subject in case you have it.

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