Lesson Report

  • Summary:

In this tab you can see a variety of analysis about the lessons.

  • How I access the lesson reports?

Go to "Reports" choose the "Lesson Report" option.

You will receive the following page:

  • How I see the lessons data analyze?
  • In the first part of the page, you can choose the time range, either from the list or you can insert a specific dates.
  • You have the option to get a data analyze to a specific group or teacher by choosing the name from the list.After filtering the target group/ teacher, you will receive the whole data separated into categories.
  • To have a full analyze for each category, click on the value number:You will receive all the data in a list. Click on the title to sort by name/ value.You can also click on "Views" to have a full details about the user. 

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