• Summary :

Here you can see the polls of the school ,View polls - Students & Parents.

  • You have 2 options to access the Polls:
    1. Go to “Communication”, and choose the “Polls” option.


    2. If you know the course which contains this Polls, move to the course page and click on the "Polls" tab:

- here you can see all the polls you have .


  •  Here you can search the poll you want to see according to it's title.
  • You can filter the poll according to it's year, semester, group, subject, type


  • Here you can see the title of the poll , the semester and it's type. by clicking on it a window will open and then you can see the question of the poll and answer it.
  • After that Click on accept to submit your answer.


  • And you can see the result :

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